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Yesterday Night I came across this Instagram user & recognized the name from the shipping address on an order earlier this week — She had just posted a picture of the candle she purchased and it had three thousand likes and over a hundred comments! Naturally, I had to investigate further! Turns out this is an amazing boutique in NJ and online called Gypsy Warrior that sells jewelry, clothing and accessories and runs a fashion blog on Tumblr (ps– you can find my Tumblr here) ! There were quite a few comments on this image either asking where this candle could be purchased or stating an opinion on the evilness of the item. I dont think their Instagram is very interactive so I took some liberty and answered where the commenters could find my shop, I hope thats not in bad taste? I kept my Ouija Loving opinion to myself 🙂

Do you think the board or, simply the image of the board, holds any negative powers? Seems like a few people believe it does.